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It has been a long haul before my hidden passion kicks in again.

Photography is one of my favourite hobbies since Preschool. I always get excited because it’s mean outing & fun time! My first Analog Camera was a gift from my dad. He taught me how to use the camera properly. He loves photography too. The difference between us, he only captured our growing up process, I captured all images that interests me.

I remembered that I always get scolding from my dad for spending my pocket money to develop the films instead of buying textbooks for reference. When I’m holding on to the camera, he will always give comments;” Don’t anyhow shoot, Don’t waste the films and the battery!” When dad said something, Mom will followed the same words. I knew, they enjoyed viewing the photos I snapped and the way I described the photos to them. You could hear laughing sound traveling the room.

I enjoyed the feeling of using the Camera to snap any interesting places and people around me. This is the best way to keep memories. Thanks to digital world and technology, now I can make the photos more interesting and stored them in the hard disk drive.

To my family and friends, Thank you all for the support you’ve given me. You are always there as my loyal readers. I am forever grateful.

You rekindled my passion.

You are my Inspiration.

All photos taken, editing and stories are created by Zoeylifeshare Photography. I’m using pictures to write stories and sharing them with you. Hope you enjoys reading them.

“Please feel free to give comments and/or feedbacks on the area for improvement, your comments and/or feedbacks are precious. I value your comments and feedbacks.

If you like my blog, do give a “Like” and/or Follow. Thank you for your support and time. Cheers!”

– ©zoeylifeshare

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