Hallo’, guess I’m early for this year 2017. 360 degree scanning, I can’t find any of my mates. I see man with beer enjoying country rock song, that’s cool for me on such a hot afternoon. The finger food especially the dessert lying on table looks so yummy!

How can I grab the beer and the food? Man seems ignore my presence. “Argh!” No wonder my mates always prefer to be out on the actual day.

I’ve to hang myself up to the pillar waiting for the chance! If they see me, they will flee! If not I will wait till they see. “Ha! Ha!”

Patience is everything!

Eyes are watching… “its’ coming!” 👀

“I know what you did!” 👻

Halloween wishes are being sent to you for a delightfully magical night.

May it be a whole lot of fun. Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🎃👻