Tired! Tired! Those are always the complains with no reason. Busy street with busy people day in day out.

“What am I doing?” questioned myself. I got stuck in my traffic, oxygen getting thinner day after day.

When I see you waving at me, I know I’ve to change my direction towards you. Signal to left instead of moving straight to join in the congestion. I feel relieved and enjoyed beautiful side of you.

“Change Before Stuck!”

“Do you agreed?”

Specially Thank you the team members @ ig_monumentalworld_skies for sharing & featuring my work. 🌈😃❤️

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📸🌍The team of @ig_monumentalworld_skies present the Sky pic of the day 🌍 . 🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈. . Author: @zoeylifeshare . . Choosen by admin.: @demelsaalonso . . Founder: @rechevarria666 . 🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈. . 🎖¡¡¡ CONGRATULATIONS!!! . 🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈. . 🌍We invite you to visit his wonderful work🌍. . 🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈. . For being featured. Follow @ig_monumentalworld_skies. Tag #igmw_skies . . 🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈. . 🚫NO STOLEN/INTERNET PICS🚫. . 🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈. . 🌍_____________________________🌍. . 🌍Recommend gallerys: . @ig_monumentalworld_family @catchclick_family @world_bestsky @total_community_hub @police_landscapes @police_villages @police_night . 🌍 we recommend you to tag: . #igmwskies_zoeylifeshare #ig_monumentalworld #ig_monumentalworld_flowers #ig_monumentalworld_landscape #ig_monumentalworld_splash #igmw_alltags #igmw_transport #ig_monumentalworld_family #igmw_water #world_bestsky #police_landscapes #police_villages #police_night . 🌍_____________________________🌍. . 🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈🌟⛅🌈.

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